Indianapolis is in the middle of Indiana and is considered one of the largest cities in the United States of America. Indianapolis became the capital soon after Indiana became a state of its own. Indiana became part of the Union in the year 1816. Congress chose 4 areas of publicly owned land to become the capital. The commission then decided that the best place for the capital to be was in the middle of the state. The capital was to be located near the home of John McCormick. John McCormick lived along the White River and the area was beautiful. What they didn’t think of when choosing this area is that the communication to the rest of the state was not good. Having such a remote location would cause problems in the near future.

The Indianapolis, Indiana of today is very different with a population of about 821,000 people. The population is growing every year and continues to grow. Indianapolis, Indiana offers a lot for families and has become a prime place to live. The median age in Indiana is about 37.5 years. The average rent cost is about $900. The average home price was about $160,000 in the year 2015.

Indianapolis offers many attractions to the locals and tourists alike. A few of the better-known attractions are listed below.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
This is considered the biggest museum in the entire world. If your family loves dinosaurs, then a visit to the Dinosphere is in order. This museum has well over one million visitors per year who enjoy a five-level playground. This museum is so large that it actually takes more than one day to see the whole thing. Be ready to ride the antique carousel.

White River State Park
Over 250 acres of green to be explored by you and your family. Along the way there are entertainers, art exhibitions, and much more. This park can be explored while walking, riding a bike, or using a Segway. It is amazing what you will learn on this journey through one of the most beautiful areas in the United States.

Indianapolis Zoo
If a visit to the zoo is in your plans, then you will not be disappointed. Here, you can touch a shark and go face-to-face with a real tiger. No worries if the weather is not good because this zoo offers five different habitat biomes to learn from and enjoy. This is also the place with the biggest Orangutan Center in the world.

Dallara IndyCar Factory
Dream about becoming a race car driver? Dallara IndyCar Factory offers rides in street-legal two-seater with a professional driver. This is also the place where you can watch technicians build the IndyCar chassis. There is a whole world of things to learn here about racing.