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Security Education

At the Farmers Bank, we provide consumer education on business security and consumer security. Is your business keeping all the information secure? Safeguard sensitive data and avoid fraud and identity theft. Same goes to personal consumer security. Learn to take steps to protect personal information and the Farmers Bank’s security center. Visit the resources page for more information and articles on security technology, risk management, and more.

Convenient Services and Online Banking

The Farmers Bank’s convenient online services eliminates the hassle of the ways of traditional banking. Online banking lets you skip driving to the bank, paper statements, writing checks, or running to the ATM. You can check your account balances, view and search transaction history, transfer money between your Farmers Bank accounts, pay bills, and locate the Farmers Bank branch offices and ATMs, all at your fingertips. With the highest level of encryption protection and authentication technology, you can be free of risk and worries. With the Farmers Bank app, you can also do your banking even more conveniently on your smart phone.

Personal Health Savings Account

Health savings account is available at the Farmers Bank to those hoping to take control of their medical expenses. Benefits to maintaining a health savings account include contribution to your health savings account on a pre-tax basis, convenient access to the health savings funds at any time, and savings and investments for future qualified medical expenses. To be eligible to maintain a health savings account at the Farmers bank, you must not be covered by Medicare or have any other health coverage other than a high deductible health plan.

Individual Retirement Accounts

We’ve all been told that it’s important to have a retirement plan. The Farmers Bank offers multiple options for your retirement plan needs. Our Coverdell Education Savings Account is a nondeductible account that allows tax-free withdrawals for your child’s education expenses. Learn more about the Farmers Banks Traditional IRA as well as the Roth IRA.

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