ABC's & 123's Learning Centers

Preschool, Day Care

The ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center in Indianapolis was established by Nazli Kahn in 1986 when she began providing and in-home child care service. Her inspiration to begin her own childcare service stemmed from the lack of safety, education, and health consciousness she found in other daycares. From there, the childcare began to grow, and 3 years later, Nazli moved her childcare from her home into a leased building. Over the years, she has opened 2 more locations, bringing the total number of ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center facilities to 3.

These are not just a daycare facility. They are one of Indiana’s leading early childhood education facilities because of their commitment to creating not just a daycare but a learning environment for all children, regardless of their age. The owners of ABC’s and 123’s Learning Centers have more than 140 years of combined early childhood education experience, making them a highly-qualified educator and childcare provider.

ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center offers high-quality care that will put parents’ minds at ease and prepare children for success. Parents love the ABC’s and 123’s Learning Centers because they know that their children’s time spent there will be worthwhile, preparing them for their futures. They also know that their children will have fun during the time they spend at ABC’s and 123’s Learning Centers as they do constructive activities that contribute to their development. Parents also know that their children will be safe and well cared for by the caring staff.

ABC’s and 123’s Learning Centers focus on 3 foundational pillars of education. These pillars are: safety, nurture, and knowledge. Teachers and students alike are encouraged to build on these three pillars and are rewarded when they do so.


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