Indianapolis offers some of the best nightlife available in the United States. Whether it is a romantic night out or you want to be dancing and partying at a club, this city has it all. Looking for something different to do? Or, maybe you do not have a lot of money but still want to go out? Below are some of the best spots in the city that are sure to show you an enjoyable time.

Romantic Night Out

Planning a night out with that special person? There are plenty of things to do in Indianapolis! Here are a few places.

  • Mama Corolla’s Old Italian Restaurant

This restaurant serves the best Italian food available in the area. When the weather is nice be sure to have your seating out on the patio. This is a very romantic place where you can get dressed up but not have to pay a fortune for the food and drinks. Located at 1031 E 54th St.

  • Iozzo’s Garden of Italy

Amazing lasagna and other Italian foods. Elegant setting with great service. Prices are not outrageously priced, and your special person will love the atmosphere. Those who prefer a gluten free diet do not have to worry because there is a full menu to pick from. Outdoor seating for those who want to be outside. Located at 946 S Meridian Street.

Comfort Food in Indianapolis

  • Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort Food

Southern fried chicken and Cajun food at its best. Bread pudding and desserts that make your heart happy. Located in Downtown Indianapolis.

  • Country Kitchen Soul Food Place

This is a restaurant and catering business that serves up the best in home cooked comfort food. Looking for the food to fill you up and at an affordable price? This is one of the busiest establishments in the area.

Nightclubs in Indianapolis

  • Blu

Introducing the high-end of Miami nightclubs in the Indianapolis area. A good-sized dance floor with a DJ for music. There are VIP rooms that are available with full bottle service. The VIP rooms offer more of a private experience. Business casual dress code is in order. Weekly drink specials are always offered and at very reasonable prices. A great place to visit during the weeknights to relax and on weekends to get the party on.

  • QBo

A nightclub that will give you the dance that you are looking for. Drinks are reasonably priced so that you do not go broke with one night out. Pool tables are also available. There are events that take place regularly. For a calendar of events just visit the website.

  • Ice Ultra Lounge

Considered a chic lounge with a great atmosphere. The DJ spins the latest tunes that keep the dancefloor full. Never a dull moment when you are looking for great music and dancing. Events and shows are a regular here and are all listed on the website. There are menu foods available including sushi and appetizers galore.

As you can see there are plenty of places to go in Indianapolis to enjoy the nightlife. Have a visit and enjoy!