1. You will be Engaged. I’m pretty sure when everyone in the world hears the word “Indianapolis” their brain automatically fills in “Motor Speedway” after it. The I.M.S. is proud of hosting “The Greatest Spectacle In Racing.” Although, if you’re worried about entertaining your little ones, have no fear. The Children’s Museum and the Indianapolis Zoo are here to save the day. Whether it’s watching a fascinating dolphin show at the Zoo or learning about ancient dinosaurs at the museum, your children will be engaged and so will you.

2.    You will be Educated. Looking for a phenomenal higher education? Look no further than to central Indiana’s top universities including Marian University, Indiana University-Purdue University, Butler University and others. Get acquainted with not only what the campus itself has to offer, but also take advantage of the university locations. College in Indy is appealing due to everything from downtown events and restaurants to the top quality education.

3.    You will be Inspired. You might just start saying IMA for short after you move here. The Indianapolis Museum of Art offers free admission year round, Summer Nights outdoor movie screenings, world renowned art exhibits, and the gardens make this place a great quick stop or full day. You can probably score a date with anyone if you tell them you’re going to the IMA. If you’re drawn to the music side of things, several performing arts events such as dance, theatre, and live music are always taking place at The Murat Theatre, Egyptian Room at Old National Centre, Clowes Memorial Hall, The Palladium at Center for the Performing Arts, and more.

Other things you will be inspired by include volunteer and charity events. Indy is known for many, many charity events and plenty of the small and large businesses sponsor them. An example is Race for the Cure at Military Park to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, which ends up being one of the largest in Indy because of its charity mission/goal.

4.   You will be Employed. CareerBliss named Indianapolis as the ninth best city to find a job, and Forbes lists us at No. 24 for Best Places for Businesses and Careers. It’s becoming known as the “Silicon Valley of the Midwest.” At least that’s what people from Indy are saying. Basically anyone with any job occupation can be employed in Indy. Some of the most well known jobs include registered nurses, elementary school teachers, business managers, sales representatives, landscaping and groundskeeping, and plenty more careers. So, bring your skill sets and be a part of the Indianapolis community.

5.     You will belong in Indy. Living in Indianapolis is like living around high-energy and positivity. If you’re a newcomer, you’re likely to have a much better time in downtown Indianapolis than most other Midwest cities. In Indy, outsiders can move to the city and rapidly make friends and contacts, and get integrated into civic networks. The social life of Indianapolis happens in backyards. This was an observation made some time ago by local cultural commentator David Hoppe, and he’s absolutely right. In a city like New York or Chicago, there’s an apparent sense of bustling street life. However, the reality is that Indy’s history and even-built environment simply creates different forms of social life. Whichever way you connect, there are more than enough activities to feel involved and like you belong. Through the welcoming faces in the quaint suburbs, the boisterous laughter at the Children’s Museum, or the loud cheers from the Indy 500, you’ll be sure to feel right at home.